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Got Questions About Penetration Testing?

We Have The Answers

  • What is penetration testing?
    Penetration testing, also known as pentesting or ethical hacking, is the process of simulating a cyber attack on a computer system, network, or web application to identify vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. The goal is to evaluate the security of the system and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Why is penetration testing important?
    Penetration testing is important because it allows organisations to identify and address potential security risks before they can be exploited by attackers. This can help to protect sensitive data and prevent costly breaches.
  • What services does your company offer?
    Our company offers a variety of penetration testing services, including network penetration testing, web application penetration testing, wireless penetration testing, and social engineering.
  • How are your tests conducted?
    Our tests are conducted by qualified penetration testers who use a variety of tools and techniques to simulate real-world attacks. The tests are performed within a scope and strict rules of engagement are adhered to at all times. All findings are reported to the client in a detailed report.
  • How often should we conduct penetration testing?
    It is recommended to conduct penetration testing at least once a year, or after any significant changes have been made to the system or network. However, the frequency of testing can vary depending on the specific needs and risk profile of the organisation.
  • What is your pricing structure?
    Our pricing is based on the scope of the project and the services required. We provide customised quotes for each client after an initial consultation.
  • Will your penetration testing disrupt my business operations?
    No. We take great care to minimise any disruption to your business operations during our testing. Our team will work with you to schedule testing at a time that is convenient for your organisation, and we will also provide detailed instructions on how to prepare for the testing.
  • Are your testers certified?
    Yes, our testers are certified professionals with a wide range of industry certifications, including OSCP, PNPT, and eCPPT to name a few.
  • How is the report delivered and in what format?
    We deliver the report in a detailed and easy-to-understand format, which includes a summary of findings, recommendations for remediation, and executive summary. The report is delivered in digital format, and can be shared with relevant stakeholders and teams.
  • Will you also help us to remediate the vulnerabilities found?
    Yes, our team can also assist with remediation of vulnerabilities found during the testing. We provide clear, actionable recommendations to help you address the identified risks and improve your overall security posture.
  • How can we get started?
    To get started, please contact us to schedule a consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss your specific needs and requirements.

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