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Penetration Testing Services

Locate and crush vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them with our penetration testing services.

What is Penetration Testing?

To beat the hackers, you need to think and act like them.

We're the good guys that work like the bad guys.

To hunt out your vulnerabilities, backdoors and cyber weaknesses, our skilled Ethical Hackers probe and attack your networks and systems using the most current techniques and tools available - just like a real hacker would. This allows you to fix any weaknesses in your defences before an attacker can strike.

How Does Penetration Testing Benefit My Business?


Reduce The Risk - Minimise the risk of data breaches and business downtime


Avoid Embarassment - Preserve brand reputation and customer trust


Protect Your Money - Avoid huge GDPR fines for losing customer data


Tick The Boxes - Meet compliance requirements such as ISO 27001


Remove the stress -Achieve peace of mind from having enhanced security

Types of Penetration Testing

From your web applications to your internal networks, we've got you covered with a full range of penetration testing services, specifically tailored to provide the best possible outcome for your business - robust security.

Our approach follows the most thorough and recognised industry guidelines, including those outlined by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project), and PTES (Penetration Testing Execution Standard). By aligning with these stringent frameworks, we ensure that our clients receive not only comprehensive testing but also strategic insights to fortify their cyber security defences effectively.

External Network Penetration Testing

Testing the security of your internet connected business infrastructure by simulating a remote attack. We test up to your firewall and beyond.  This is the type of malicious activity that first springs to mind when you envision a "hacker".

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Testing the internal network security of your organisation by simulating an adversary that has breached your external network or the actions of a malicious insider. Malicious insiders are often employees that have been coerced or bribed, are disgruntled, or seek financial gain from hacking.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Every business has a web-presence. Did you know that your website may provide a way into your network or expose your customer data? We conduct web application penetration testing with the latest methods and tools to minimise the likelihood of your website being breached.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Wi-Fi Networks are inherently insecure. Data transmitted over the air and in large volumes provides ample opportunity for it to be intercepted, spoofed, or modified. Our experienced penetration testers provide an on-site service to test your organisation's Wi-Fi security.

Social Engineering and Phishing Engagements

Humans are the weakest link within your organisation. Whilst computers are steadfast and logical, your employees are fallible. Mongoose Cyber Security can test your employees' resistance to phishing and social engineering attacks.

Physical Penetration Testing & Security Audits

Could someone walk right into your business - What damage could they cause if they did? Intellectual property theft, corporate espionage, physical damage or damage to your cyber estate? By exclusively using former UKSF Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) members to conduct our physical penetration testing, we provide the best physical penetration testing service in the world, period.

Cyber Vulnerabilities - Identified. Understood. Fixed.

All Penetration Tests culminate in a detailed report, but so what?

Our reports provide:

  • Step-by-step actions to fix any issues found

  • A high level overview of your organisations cyber health

  • A prioritised list of all vulnerabilities

  • Easy to understand language

  • Best practice guidelines to follow and implement

Our penetration tests include:

  • Free retesting

  • A thorough check of the dark web to see if your passwords and data have been leaked

  • In-person or video debrief of results

  • Unlimited cyber advisory phone support for up to 6 months

  • Discounts on future testing and endpoint security devices

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