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Penetration Testing

Ever Wondered What a Cyber Attack Costs Your Business?

Business Downtime

Average downtime of 23 days

Remediation Costs

Remediation costs of £691,699 on average for a medium-sized business

GDPR Fines

GDPR fines of up to 4% of annual turnover

Reputational Damage

Loss of your customer's trust and irreversible reputational damage

Stolen Intellectual Property

How will your business function when its designs, technologies and strategies are leaked to competitors?

Don't become the next victim

We can help.

Our team operates out of Manchester to deliver a full-spectrum of penetration testing and vulnerability management services across the UK.


We can stop cyber threats before they even get started.

Make your business unattractive to hackers and avoid being the next target.

Contact us before it's too late

Secure Your Business - Book A Discovery Call Now

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