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Mongoose Cyber Security

Stress-free Penetration Testing for Busy IT Managers

Secure your network and stay in control:

✔ Beat Ransomware
✔ Prevent an Embarrassing Data Breach
✔ Maximise Network Up-Time
✔ Bulletproof Your Cyber Security

With Our Expert Penetration Testing Services

Penetration testing improving network security and meeting compliance requirements

As an IT Manager, everything comes down to you.

People expect you to be Superman, able to fix IT problems in the blink of an eye, with limited resources & time.

Just keeping your head above water is an uphill battle.

Not only that, but you also:


  • Get the blame if there is a DATA BREACH

  • Are expected to save the company money year-on-year

  • Must be an expert on everything

  • Have your regular day-to-day work to complete

It's a miracle you've not suffered from burnout yet.

All of this, and you're expected to keep the company safe from ransomware and cyber attacks, knowing damn well your job is on the line if you fail.

So how do you prevent a cyber attack and keep on being an IT hero?

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The pentesting uncovered weaknesses we never knew existed, and Mongoose provided a clear road map for remediation. We implemented their recommendations, and I'm confident our network is now significantly stronger.

Alexander, IT Manager (Catering Supplies)

Fantastic and personal service! Checked our business websites, services, routers and IP blocks for any potential security issues and provided very helpful feedback on the few issues identified so we were able to quickly fix. Highly recommended!


A customer requested a penetration test and we didn't have this capability in-house. We booked Mongoose Cyber to undertake the work on our behalf and were blown away with the level of detail and quality of the work. Mongoose Cyber are now our official pentesting partner company.

Graeme, MD (IT Managed Service Provider)

Working with animal products, we are targeted regularly for cyber attack. This was our first penetration test and we will definitely continue to use your services. The peace of mind it gives my team knowing we are more secure is worth far more than the monetary value that we pay.

Caroline, MD (Company Under NDA)

Our Penetration Testing Has You Covered

Quick Results, Minimal Effort

Rapid, easy deployment - We get your pentest started QUICKLY, saving you time & hassle.

No long forms or Zoom calls to clog your Outlook Calendar.


No Network Downtime - No Risk

We will NEVER cause you a denial-of-service. If we do - you get your money back - no questions asked.


Simple, Guided Remediation

We give your team step-by-step guidance to remediate any security issues found.


No more guesswork to fix your vulnerabilities, just simple, quick, and accurate steps.


Retesting is Free

Fixing vulnerabilities is the most important outcome of a pentest.

Unlike our competitors, we NEVER charge for retesting.


This gives you ultimate peace of mind, knowing that your remediation has worked & saving you money at the same time.

Crust Your Vulnerabilities

 Bulletproof Your Network

 Stay an IT Hero

Book Your Penetration Test Now

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